IAO srl

For forty years we have been operating in the sector of machinery for the processing of rubber and plastics.

The spirit of independent enterprise characterized by great flexibility and ability, is appreciated by our customers for quality, reliability and excellent price-performance / service ratio.

Our Services


it’s our main activity. Due to the characteristics of these machines, the retrofitting and the revamping are still up-to-date and make overhauling more convenient than buying a new machine.


specialized personnel is able to cope with the maintenance and repairing of machines at our customers.


we can offer used quality machines completely overhauled and guaranteed at bargain prices. Their characteristics and performances can be compared to those of new machines (also as far as certificates are concerned) but with lower costs. We are also able to offer accessories (stock-blender, cutters, string cutters,conveyors, buckets, etc.) and spare parts difficult to find (gears, rolls, motors, bushings, rotating joints, elastic joints, electric parts/panels, etc.)


our great experience in this field enables us to find solutions to the problems given by an installation.


our second hand machines, overhauling and repairing are guaranteed by a timely and reliable techincal assistance before and after sale. We also offer commercial assistance in the sale, purchase and supplying of machines and parts for particular projects.


the purchase of machines is part of our activity.